Mother’s Day Breakfast

We are big fans of breakfast, so we've put together a few of our favourite breakfast ingredients fit for a queen. Check it out!

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, why not make your Mother the ultimate breakfast spread? We’ve put together a few of our favourite breakfast ingredients available at Sourced Market Skelton Lake Services. 

Bakeri Baltzersen – Artisan Bread

Whether bread be a key part of your Mother’s Day breakfast or not, the appreciation for a great loaf is undeniable. Artisan bakers Bakeri Baltzersen supply our breads and pastries, the bakery extension to Baltzersen’s Scandinavian Cafe, based just outside of Harrogate.

We stock their white bloomer bread, sourdough, baguette and ciabatta all made from organic white flour sourced from Shipton Mill, the perfect foundation for infinite breakfast possibilities…

Acorn Dairy – Organic Salted Butter

A good butter is the difference between last Sunday’s breakfast and Mother’s Day breakfast. Acorn Dairy, make a fantastic organic salted butter. Each week they churn the cream and a little salt, until its ready to harden in the fridges before going through the extruder; which gives their butter the lovely cylindrical shape, then its hand wrapped and labelled and sent out! No faff, no funny business just really good butter.

 Raydale Preserves – Jam

If a sweet breakfast is your Mother’s jam, then Raydale Preserves is worth giving a go. The family run business based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales has been making jam, preserves, chutney, marmalade and sauces since 1978.

They use traditional methods to make their delicious products whilst sourcing ingredients which are ethically sourced from sustainable environments. Their strawberries come from the town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire and despite their growth they are still topping strawberries, potting jars and sticking labels by hand! 

The important thing about breakfast, especially Mother’s Day breakfast is that you’ve got to have options. Breakfast options suggest that you’ve thought, considered and decided that you’d treat Mum to a three course breakfast, so here comes the second course…

Yockenthwaite Granola – Nutty Spelt Granola

In the case that toast alone is not enough, which we thought might happen… Yockenthwaite Granola packs a big crunch, hand-baked clusters of freshly rolled oats, loaded with cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds. Drizzled with delicious raw honey to give it just the right about of sweetness.. It’s also made with spelt flour; spelt is the ancient whole grain known in Roman times as the ‘marching grain’ which will be sure to put a pep in Mum’s steps.

Acorn Dairy – Milk

Drench Yockenthwaite Granola with award-winning organic milk by Acorn Dairy. Their herd is fed an organic grass, clover and herb based diet, giving their milk their unbeatable flavour. They hold the Compassion in World Farming Good Dairy Award for their cow and calf welfare and in Feb 2020 was named Ethical Consumer Magazine’s best dairy milk brand too!

Minor Figures – Oat M*lk

Alternatively, Minor Figures the East London oat m*lk brand, originally established to create a m*lk which compliments the rich natural flavours of coffee. They have been around since 2014 and have grown into one of the most recognised milk alternative brands out there, and for good reason. If you or you Mum haven’t tried Minor Figures in your morning brew or with granola we definitely recommend giving it a go! They also sell their milk in glass bottles, with refill stations across the country, which we think is pretty cool.

Longley Farm – Plain and Fruit Yoghurt

Longley Farm based in Yorkshire have received prizes for their yoghurt for over 40 years, their tasty yoghurt are free from additives, preservatives and colour. We stock their plain and fruit yoghurt;  they mix lush pieces of fruit and a hint of unrefined cane sugar to their plain yoghurt to make their highly sought after fruit yoghurt.

Taylors of Harrogate – Classic British Tea

If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that British people are very particular about their tea; we get it, there is nothing worst than a cup of tea which doesn’t meet your expectations. Sometimes a brew exceeds those expectations… so why not gift Mum an extra special brew with Taylors of Harrogate; these are the same guys who make Yorkshire teabags.

Origin Coffee – Resolute Blend & Santa Maria Decaf

The same goes for coffee; caffeinated or not a great cup of coffee is always appreciated. Origin Coffee supply us with our much-loved take-away coffee. Made from a blend of beans from Brazil, El Salvador and Nicaragua making for a sweet tasting coffee with notes of milk chocolate, sweet plum and caramel, with a low acidity resulting in a full-bodied cup. If your Mum drinks coffee, definitely give this a go and we’re not just saying that. We also stock the decaf version so if drinking coffee and get 8 hours is high on your Mother’s priority list then the Santa Maria Decaf might be a good one to try. 

Those are a few of our favourite breakfast products in store, there is plenty more which will certainly make for a memorable breakfast.

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