Minor Figures

Minor Figures is a coffee culture and drinks company based in East London, with a burgeoning presence across the world. Established in 2014, the company first began turning heads with their ready-to-drink cold brew, but have since expanded into specialty coffee, clothing and their much loved Oat M*lk.

As the eccentric band of characters found on their products reflect, Minor Figures pride themselves as a collective of misfits from a broad stroke of backgrounds, brought together by a shared passion for great coffee. It was this excitement that led founders Stuart, Will and Jonathan to develop an oat m*lk that would heighten – not hide – the rich and natural flavours of great-tasting coffee.

Their Barista Standard Oat M*lk can now be found in cafes and local stores alike, and has helped them become the UK’s fastest growing dairy alternative brand. Carefully formulated with minimal ingredients to enhance the origin characteristics of specialty coffee and create a clean and creamy microfoam, it only makes sense that we pair our coffee at Sourced Market with Minor Figures Oat M*lk as our go-to dairy alternative.

We’re also excited to welcome their acclaimed range of ready-to-drink cans, available in Black, Latte, Mocha and Chai Latte. All use seasonal, single-origin coffee or high-quality tea and spices, all roasted and slow-brewed in East London and blended with Oat M*lk, whilst the nitrogen infused in each can creates a creamy, bubbly texture as soon as it’s opened. Find your new favourite in our fridges.

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