Mighty Fine started life as a confectionery shop, selling a range of luxury chocolates. Over the last few years, we’ve helped Ross Newton and Kit Tomlinson reform the brand around their standout honeycomb product.

We discovered Mighty Fine’s honey bites at a trade show in 2014. Crispy, quirky and made only from natural ingredients, the products were a great fit for Sourced Market. Even better, Ross and Kit were making them just around the corner in Camden.

Their brand was already impressive. But Ross and Kit had reached an interesting junction. Seeing that the honeycomb products were by far the bestsellers, the duo decided to narrow their focus. They shut up shop and began to travel around the UK in search of the finest honey.

What happened next

Ross and Kit came to us with an idea for a new honeycomb bar. We immediately saw its potential and supported them as they went off to research, refine and rebrand their product. Then we helped them to launch it.

There’s huge demand for the handcrafted honeycomb bar, which is coated in Belgian chocolate. It’s now stocked in shops around the world – as well as all three of our markets.

We’ve had the pleasure of holding numerous sampling sessions with the guys, so that we can keep up to date with their latest creations. It’s been wonderful seeing Mighty Fine expand and being a part of its journey.

Sourced Market were one of our first stockists and showed real faith in such a young brand. Since partnering with them, we’ve gone from strength to strength, gaining recognition with consumers and buyers in the UK and the EU.

Sourced Market will always have a special place in Mighty Fine’s hearts!

Ross Newton and Kit Tomlinson, Mighty Fine