May Bank Holiday tipple round up

We've rounded up some of our favourite drinks which we think will be the perfect long weekend companion.

It’s finally the long weekend and you’re desperate to make it a far cry from every other weekend this year, so naturally you think about picking up something different to sip on and push the boat out. Maybe you’re heading somewhere nice, maybe your girlfriend’s parent’s garden and you know you need to show up with something that doesn’t scream predictable or last minute. Maybe you’re hosting a barbecue for close family you haven’t seen in a while and you want to show that you’ve grown, maybe even changed a little over lockdown, so you pick up a bottle of something you wouldn’t usually go for, a conversation piece, a story to share when the COVID chat gets too much. Or for that moment when you’re sitting next to your aunt’s new husband and have run out of things to talk about. Whatever situation you find yourself in this long weekend we’ve got a tipple for it…

Free Run Juice Samurai 2019 Chardonnay – Available at St Pancras & Leeds

The kind of bottle which you bring more than one of to the BBQ

The Samurai Chardonnay Free Run Juice is a natural, low intervention, clean, fresh and fruity no oak Chardonnay. We love Free Run Juice because they work with smaller vineyards giving them access to their facilities and expertise, they also help them distribute the wines, which we think is pretty cool. Unwooded Aussie Chardonnay can be hard, the Samurai 2019 has a great balanced acidity with notes of white peach and cream on the pallet. This easy drinking wine is Aussie summer in a glass and made to sip in warmer weather, fingers crossed for some sun this weekend! This punchy bottle pairs wonderfully with pork, chicken, rich fish and vegetarian dishes, pretty great fit for a barbie…

Davenport Limney English Sparkling – Available at St Pancras & Leeds

The bottle which will surprise your friends/family when you tell them it’s English, because let’s be honest, England is quite there yet in being known for  outstanding sparkling wine. Although after tasting this bottle, that might change.

Grown on the hills of Sussex, Davenport’s premium Limney English Sparking is made in a Champagne style and is also natural and organic.Production of this bottle is small, the organic vineyard don’t always produce good enough fruit, in fact in 2012 vintage didn’t happen. Will Davenport prioritises creating a wine through natural means, and you can definitely taste it!Made with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, making for a delightfully fresh and lively bottle delivering on the expected biscuity aromas in the best sparkling wines. The flavours are citrus and apple with a dry balance and green length on flavour.

Chateau De La Mirande Picpoul De Pinet 2019 –  Available at St Pancras & Leeds

The bottle which makes you look like you know a thing or two about wine, which you do. A great bottle to take to the seaside.

Château de La Mirande is located in the commune of Castelnau-de-Guers not far from the Bassin de Thau in the south of France, a salt-water lagoon dedicated to the cultivation of oysters and mussels. Picpoul is an ancient grape variety which has a green tinged fruit and crisp acidity similar to Muscadet, but with more body. The grapes are harvested at night and traditionally enjoyed with the famous oysters, harvest in the near by lagoon! Chateau De La Mirande has made a delicious easy drinking wine, dry, crisp with good body and lasting flavour. Expect spicy aniseed, green fruits and herbs on the nose and yellow plum and pepper on mouth. Sounds like the perfect wine to be sipping with friends this weekend.

Bergerie De la bastide Terre Du Sude – Available in St Pancras & Leeds

The kind of bottle you can take to any occasion, a trusty medium bodied red, a definite a crowd pleaser.

This juicy red wine comes from a village near Baziers in the southern Lanquedoc, France. A blend of 40% Grenache noir, 30% Merlot and 30% Cinsault and packs plenty of well structured fruit. A beautiful deep purple-red in colour, expect earthy aromas with black cherry and tobacco. Fairly dense in structure on the pallet with subtle, smoked flavours of cassis, vanilla and plums. An approachable wine with a long finish. Pair with a red meat and cooked vegetables.

Northern Monk Origin Gluten Free Pale Ale 330 ml – Available at Leeds

The beer that feels lighter and can be enjoyed literally anywhere, beer is always appropriate.

Whilst a gluten free beer may not be what you reach for unless you are allergic, we think this beer deserves to be enjoyed by everyone allergy or not. Northern Monk is an independent brewery based in Holbeck, Leeds. Inspired by their Northern surrounding and the history of monistic brewing practiced across the region for thousand of years. They are committed to creating the highest quality beers, combining traditional brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. If an IPA is your usual go to then we would suggest trying this, it pays homage to the origins of IPA and the evolution of the style, expect piney, juicy and crisp flavours.

Raspberry Cider Orchards of Hushtwaite – Available at Leeds

The cider with a heartwarming story that’s great to share with your Grandma Mary and Uncle Joe.

Hustwaite is known as the Orchard Village of North Yorkshire due to its history of growing fruit and trading crops over the last 3 centuries. Their commercial production of fruit peaked around the early 1900s  and by the 1960s due to rail way closures the village’s unique heritage soon became history. In 2009 the Orchards of Hustwaite began, as a project run by the village history society, who shared the village’s fruitful history with the new generations of the Husthwait. Off the back of the research and stories shared, the village started the business run by volunteers to replant the village with fruit frees. In the first phase they planted 1000 trees and by 2010 they had made over £40,000 profit! We love this story and their cider is delicious as well! The Raspberry Cider is great for any occasion, it’s medium sweet fruity with a hint of raspberry.

  East London Co. Vodka & Lime Seltzer & Vodka & Pomegranate Seltzer – Available at Leeds & St Pancras

The new kid on the block, the ‘spiked water,’ you might get quizzed at a family occasion, potential to be the butt of a few jokes. But jokes on them because your hydrated whilst also having a good time.

East London Co. launched six years ago in the heart of the East End, between the canals and warehouses of Bow and Victoria Park they found a space to build their distillery. They producing gin, vodka and whisky being the bar and import rums from Jamaica and Guayana, whilst we love spirts, we’d like to recommend their seltzers. Particularly the Vodka Pomegranate and Vodka & Lime, which are crisp and juicy as you’d expect and balanced to match the British wheat vodka they make behind the bar. The Vodka & Lime seltzer is simply cut with lime, heavy on natural zest & flavour, light on everything else. Using only natural fruit extracts and essences, with no preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners. Easy drinking with lots of flavour, we can’t find a fault.

For those who are looking for something a little stronger…

Mason’s Orange & Lime Lead Gin – Available at Leeds

The bottle you get if you’re hosting the BBQ.

Mason’s of Yorkshire Gin was launched on World Gin Day 2013 by Karl & Cathy Mason, set on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales the town of Bedale. They were the first to establish a distillery in Yorkshire in 2014, a year after they launched! Using a traditional distillation method, Harrogate spring water, the right amount of juniper a proportion of which comes from their own bushes and a combination of secret botanicals including citrus the Masons team have created a fantastic London Dry Gin. We stock their Yorkshire Gin, Yorkshire Tea Gin, their Taste Experience set and, the Orange and Lime Leaf Gin, which is one of our all times favourites. Juniper, orange and kaffir lime leaf are perfectly balance for a punch and fragrant gin and a long, dry finish. Perfect serve: Plenty of ice, premium Indian tonic water and garnish with lime zest.

Rogue Wave Vodka – Available at St Pancras

The vodka with a dramatic story, great to bring to an occasion where the conversation might need some help.

“The Rogue Wave Vodka was created in tribute to James Watt, one BrewDog’s Founders’, One-Armed Alex, a man you’ll never forget. When it comes to going rogue, One-Armed Alex wrote the book – once he learned to write again. With his good arm floating somewhere in the North Sea due to a freak fishing accident, Alex refused to be left swimming in circles, and instead dived head first into life. He laughed at doctors and went straight back to sailing, throwing fireworks at boats, just because.” Rogue Wave is a single malt vodka, distilled over 7 days, vapour passes through the World’s first triple-bubble copper pot still. Extreme copper contact gives the vodka an uncompromising quality and filtered once to ‘keep it’s soul’ resulting in a hard-to-forget vodka with subtle notes of icing sugar and vanilla.

Filey Bay Whisky Flagship – Available at Leeds

The whisky you take on your country escape, rolling hills, crashing waves, guaranteed to be better with a glass of Filey Bay in hand.

Filey Bay is the first single malt whisky made in Yorkshire, and sourcing all their ingredients from within the county. Filey Bay makes a fantastic range of whisky including, we stock their Whisky Moscatel Finish, Whisky Flagship and their Tasting Set. Pictured is the Filey Bay Flagship; light, fruity and creamy made form 100% homegrown barley and is the culmination of their First and Second Releases launched in 2019. They like to respect tradition whilst also doing things their own way, which is brought to life in the style, taste and creation of Flagship. Whether you have an experienced palate or just getting into whisky, the complexities and original flavours will be hard to miss. They say it’s a whisky for everyone, we agree. 

Keepr’s Honey Spiced Rum – Available at St Pancras

The bottle that makes for a great gift, and that could definitely be to yourself. Seriously cool, with a serious message. We love it.

Part of the British Honey Company which launched in 2014 in the Cotswolds. Keepr’s delicious range of honey and fruit infused seasonal spirits is inspired by the need to protect and preserve the British honeybees. Each bottle has a QR which uncovers the beehive behind the bottle. We are all for supporting and enjoying products which protect our bees! We stock their Honey Dry Gin, Salted Caramel & Honey Vodka and their Spiced Rum (pictured). The triple distilled Florida dark rum is infused with 100% raw British Honey, the finest spices and enriched with Cotswold spring water. Pick up some fiery ginger beer, add lime juice and crushed ice and you’ve got a Dark & Stormy, which sounds like a great way to kick start the long weekend.

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin – Available at St Pancras

The bottle that screams sunshine hang outs, nothing makes the sunshine better than a refreshing G&T, especially if it’s Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo. The Chase farm is based in Herefordshire, where they grow their own potatoes and apples which are later used in their award winning spirits. If this Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo Gin doesn’t scream relaxing in the sun, then we not sure what does. Chase Gin is crafted in a copper pot distilling their gin with a bounty of pink grapefruit and pomelo peels. The zesty gin is bursting with grapefruit freshness, juniper and lime.  Perfect serve; lots of ice, premium tonic and garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Like children and pets, choosing our favourites was hard. We hope you learnt something new and hopefully you’ll be well prepared for whatever situation you find yourself in this weekend.