Harvey and Rory started Matcha Works after drinking matcha and being completely amazed at how energised it made them feel. They became convinced that being fuelled by artificial ingredients just wasn’t necessary when natural ingredients like matcha were available. Plant power!

Matcha Works drinks are a natural alternative to conventional energy drinks and coffee, that use matcha green tea which is loaded with natural caffeine and an amino acid called L-Theanine. They are also 100% refined sugar-free and vegan.

Matcha Works’ organic matcha green tea is grown on a single plantation in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. They then source their dates, oat mylk and almond mylk in the UK, and their coconut mylk from Indonesia. It’s incredibly important to Harvey and Rory that they only use all natural ingredients.

What makes Matcha Works unique? Whilst most canned drinks are fizzy and full of artificial ingredients, they’re plant mylk based with nothing artificial at all. They are determined to go completely against the grain and challenge energy with plants. We couldn’t be happier to support this vision.

Harvey and Rory’s decision to can rather than bottle wasn’t just because it looks great either! Everything they do is rooted in sustainability. Cans are simply the most environmentally clean packaging available and using plastic was never an option for them. Matcha Works cares about the environment and their impact on it, and we believe our consumers do too.