As a carefree teenager with the craving to become a chocolatier and a passion for patisserie, Oonagh slipped off to live in Paris on her own and became a fully trained Pâtissière & Chocolatier. Ready to start a new adventure she returned to London to work as a chocolatier for a leading luxury confectioner. And that’s when she realised that something was missing…. marshmallows!

Oonagh had experienced the full breadth marshmallows in Paris, but back in the UK, they remained those sad pink and white puffs only rustled out of a bag to soak up the end of a bonfire. This simply couldn’t stand. So Oonagh became ‘The Marshamallowist’, creating fruit Marshmallows in grown up flavours with a French, soufflé-like texture and a signature London edge. A Saturday market stall on the world famous Portobello Road quickly followed and it seemed that most of London was clamouring to try one of her mallows.

The Marshmallowist handcrafts fresh soufflé marshmallows from fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohol, combining classic confectionary with unexpected flavours and bold design.

Oonagh also has a strong ethos. As a progressive food company they recognise the need for their business to operate in a more sustainable fashion, addressing social and environmental considerations. It is their aim to always operate sustainably and these considerations are an integral and fundamental part of everything they do. They are committed to protecting our natural resources, maintaining the environment we live in and providing products with ethical provenance.
 All their fruit, sugar and herbs are fair trade and all their supplier are registered with the Rainforest Alliance, enabling them to purchase ingredients from sources with a demonstrable commitment to sustainable agriculture.

“Sourced Market is committed to working with producers who share their ethos of honest, natural products which taste great. We are an independent marshmallow company founded for the love of creating the very best marshmallows.” – Oonagh, The Marshmallowist