Fill Me up Butter Cup

The idea of LoveRaw was first rooted when Rimi left her unsatisfying job and started focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. While shopping for healthy goodies, she realised that the majority of foods labelled as “healthy and nutritious” were just a façade.

Feeling a little cheated Rimi became determined to turn her frustration into a passion. The family-run business started in 2013 in Rimi‘s Tiny kitchen in Cambridgeshire, with them packing and sealing every indulgent snack. With the company thriving, Rimi took on a fresh challenge: to create nutritious butter cups for healthy pleasure-seeking snackers.

The feel-good butter cups are loaded with nutrition and free of all things artificial. “They’re a conscious way to satisfy your sweet tooth.” Rimi never compromises with her natural, organic ingredients; the outcome is simple, clean and delicious treats.