Raising Your Spirits, One Drink at a Time

When it came to choosing a mixer for a dark spirit, Tom and Alex were disappointed with the little to no variety that Britain had to offer. With a love for dark spirits and bundles of knowledge from their travels around the Caribbean, the two friends set out on a mission, to create a range of unique mixers that were specifically tailored for dark spirits.

In January 2018, Tom and Alex started experimenting in their Kitchen based in Fulham. After numerous trial and errors, they’ve succeeded in creating three exceptional naturally flavoured mixers that offer an entirely new drinking experience. Each mixer has been designed to harmonise with dark spirits, rather than mask their unique flavours. The range provides an exploratory experience, allowing you to choose a mixer to compliment your favourite dark spirit.

“According to Caribbean folklore, it’s lucky when a long-tailed mongoose crosses your path.” Tom and Alex believe that their adventurous mixers “offer a little luck to those who dare to be different.”