In 2016 LoneWolf took over a small part of BrewDog’s distillery, to create a range of super-smooth, sustainable gins. 192 recipes later, their creation was ready to be “released into the wild!”

LoneWolf was founded by BrewDog in 2016. If it wasn’t for BrewDog and their creativity, we wouldn’t have the delicious stuff our shelves. BrewDog was founded in 2007 after James Watt spent seven years on the high seas of the North Atlantic. James and his best friend Martin Dickie dived straight into their hoppy idea. They had no business plan. But they did have the passion and drive to make other people as obsessed about great craft beer as they were.

Sustainability is a big focus of BrewDog as a whole, and wherever possible, they source ingredients and employ methods to maximise sustainability. BrewDog carefully selects botanicals for LoneWolf from a variety of exceptional producers. The juniper they use comes from Tuscany where BrewDogs expert distillers visit at harvest time to choose the very best juniper for our years Gin production.

The key to their super smooth spirits is their one of a kind triple bubble pot still (shhh, you didn’t hear their secret from us!)

Their Cloudy Lemon gin is a must-try, with fresh Sicilian lemon peel added to their original gin, and left to macerate for 7 days. The limoncello-Esque flavours make it perfect for summer!!