Spirits That are Bee’s Knees!

In 2017 The British Honey Company’s master distiller created a drink fit to start a revolution; KEEPR’s is an all-natural Gin and made with 100% British honey.

Before KEEPR’s The British Honey Company had been working in the bee business for 6 years.  They now have hives spread throughout Oxfordshire, where each of the hives works endlessly to pollenate British meadows and hedgerows while creating rich 100% raw honey.

The British Honey Company has since explained their range of KEEPR’S honey spirits from gin to rum, because why not?! All their products have been created without using any artificial flavours which helps enhance the true taste of the Oxfordshire bee’s honey. The British Honey Company uses locally sourced produce to create their spirits, which gives them the opportunity to trace all their batches back to the hive where the honey came from.

We all know that Bees play a huge part in human survival. The British Honey Company has a love and passion for the preservation of the British Bee! Their love and passion has led them to support the British Bee farmers and the honey trade, as well as raising awareness of the decline of the British Bee and its importance within the food chain.

The British Honey Company aim to be as sustainable as possible by taking great care for their hives to ensuring the bees are safe from pollutants, extreme weather and disease. The Bee lovers also say no to using gas and oil-based stills to create their spirits, instead, they use their 1000L still which uses electricity, meaning their carbon emissions are reduced.