From Cricket Bat to Chocolate Bean

Realising the fire in his belly for cricket was starting to burn out, Wilf found himself on the hunt for life’s next adventure. Little did he know his new adventure would overtake his love for cricket by miles, and have his knees deep in chocolate.

Wilf’s passions for chocolate started to grown once he arrived in Malaysia to work on Barry Callebaut’s* research farm. After understanding the harvesting process of cocoa, Wilf found himself back in the UK working for Prestat, where he experienced the art of chocolate making. He then became a Doisy and Dam devotee, where he sold their choccy products.

With experience from harvesting all the way to sell and eating chocolate, Wilf couldn’t stop himself from creating a chocolate empire. Islands Chocolate has a range of four dark chocolate bars, which have been created with sustainable cocoa beans and range 72% to 85%!

‘Think Beyond the Bar’

Islands Chocolate’s family company is called St Vincent Cocoa Company, located in the Caribbean – Here you’ll find a team of local passionate Vincentians producing fine-flavoured cocoa that goes into each Islands Chocolate bars. The employees at St Vincent Cocoa Company are treated and paid fairly: Islands Chocolate care about the taste of their products as much as the people who harvest the beans for them.

From tree to bar, the company can trace every cocoa bean back to the farm. Islands Chocolate’s packaging is not only beautiful, but it’s also educational – while you sit back and eat your chocolate bar you can discover the farmer who grew the beans and the different flavour notes of each bar.

*the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chocolate