As a parent, Dafna Bonas struggled with what should be in the dreaded ‘snack draw’. Snack time would almost always come hand in hand with feeling guilty about what her children would eat.

Tired of this constant battle, Dafna started researching the world of snacks – 89% of British children we consuming unhealthy snacks. Seeing the gap in the market; she decided to create her own healthy alternative & Indie Bay was set in motion.

Using her background in the tech industry, Dafna focused primarily on innovation. Looking at the snacks already being produced, she set about to reinvent what we already know. First on the list was the sleepy pretzel – keeping the satisfaction of the original product but making it a healthier, better version.

Indie Bay pretzel bites are a completely original concept. All of the ingredients are the healthiest they can find & are sourced from the UK & Europe. They are ‘all natural’, high in protein, GMO free & vegan. The aim is to improve the health & happiness of consumers, but are also donating a percentage of the profits to charity. All of these charities focus on educating children & the next generation about healthy, sustainable food & lifestyles.