Sushi for The Now

In the summer of 2017, Jessica decided she wanted to peruse a vegan lifestyle, but there was one thing stopping her…

Being a sushi addict through and through, Jessica thought it would be impossible to give up the delicious stuff. At first, she proved herself right, that all the vegan sushi choices were uninspiring. However, this sushi queen did not give up! To help kick-start her vegan journey and feed her sushi addiction, Jessica started to create her platters of sushi galore.

Jessica soon realised that she had a knack for creating vegan sushi and decided to peruse her sushi dreams. Each piece of sushi has been hand-rolled in the family’s home and filled with plant-based proteins like tofu, vegan tuna, and vegan duck.

Ima’s revolutionary sushi is for vegans on a sushi searching mission and for the conscious thinkers.

Ima means ‘now’ in Japanese. By screaming sustainability with their 100% degradable packing and their dedication to protecting our oceans from overfishing, Ima is always thinking about the now.