Ice Kitchen; Giving Everyone Brain Freeze Since 2011

The Ice Kitchen story begins in the summer of 2011 in New York when Nadia Roden came across a photo of a transparent lolly with a leaf frozen inside it; its beauty immediately sparked her imagination.

Nadia couldn’t stop herself from picturing wild flavour concoctions that could be frozen in ice. She loved her quirky idea so much that she couldn’t help herself from pursuing it. In no time her nephew and chef Cesar Roden were brought over from London to help launch the handmade ice lolly venture.

The lollies were first sold in the Big Apple’s High Line Park, and business boomed. It wasn’t long before Cesar returned to London, ready to give the Brits a taste of what they’d been missing!

Ice Kitchen was born!

Ice Kitchen blends the finest ingredients to create their naturally flavoured ice lollies; you will probably come across a whole piece of fruit, or two, they’re that natural! Ice Kitchen like to know the origin of their products, so, where possible they try and source the majority of their ingredients from the UK.

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