Heyday creates a soda like no other; super fizzy and overloading with maté tea!

The idea to create this unique drink started when Beth and Jan first came across maté during a trip to Berlin. Maté is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, which Germans love to guzzle.

Both Beth and Jan felt that we Brits were missing out and that they had to do something about it! After some trial and errors, the pair were ready to make their first batch of Maté Soda…but where?!

‘The stars aligned when a chance phone call got us chatting to some guys at a craft brewery in Bristol, and they were kind (or crazy?) enough to let us brew Heyday in their tanks.’

Maté, like coffee, varies greatly depending on where and how it’s grown. So, to create their unique, delicately, balanced tasting drink, Heyday uses two types of leaves from southern Brazil.

The independent company use cans as they are infinitely recyclable (a process which is done in the UK). At the moment the cans are decorated with a sleeve made from cornstarch, which is widely recyclable, but their long term plan is to move to printed cans.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that they don’t use single-use plastics in any part of our production nor packaging, plus their office is powered by sustainable energy and they’re working on getting an electric van for deliveries.

Lastly, Beth and Jan are deeply passionate about land rehabilitation. Throughout the next year, they are working on establishing a foundation that takes a portion of Heyday’s profits, and uses it to help regenerate degraded land that has been over-farmed, polluted or deforested, and return it to its former heyday.