Emilie started Good & Proper Tea back in 2012 after growing tired of being served distinctly average tea while her friends would enjoy beautifully crafted coffee on a daily basis. Having spent time during her childhood in India and visiting tea estates, Emilie knew better than most what truly good tea was and what goes into making the perfect cup.

Emilie set out to create a destination where tea-drinkers would be offered the same care and attention that her coffee-junkie friends had come to expect. The plan started by converting a 1974 Citroën-H van into a mobile tea bar and some years later Good & Proper Tea has grown to a flagship Tea Bar, an online store, and now the start of a wonderful partnership with us!

Good & Proper’s core ethos is to show just how good tea can be. They achieve this by meticulously sourcing the best possible whole leaf teas from around the world, custom brewing each of them to bring out the best possible flavour in every cup and providing extremely helpful brewing instructions to every tea lover to help ensure every cup tastes as good as it should.

Good & Proper is still a small business but being ethical and sustainable is incredibly important to Emilie and her team. They make the effort to collect all of their used leaves daily to be composted, have recently launched 100% compostable tea bags and are constantly working with their producers to help them achieve sustainable farming practices. Good & Proper have big plans for growth and the really great thing is their determination to continually improve their practices and never become complacent.

We’re delighted to announce that Good & Proper Tea is now our tea partner for both our drink in pots and take away bags. So pop into any of our markets to sit down and enjoy a pot as tea intended, or take a cup away with you and get award winning single origin tea on the go.