The power of the sea. Bottled.

Amongst the sea and salt marshes of the fishing town Aldebrugh, Fishers Gin is tenderly crafted. Fishers Gin uses their local surrounds to hand-pick and select local herbs and coastal botanicals to infuse into their gin. Each bottle captures the power of the sea and the wild, forgotten flavours of the British Isles.

Andres Heald’s (Fishers Gin founder) family has lived in Aldeburgh for many generations. The sea and the beauty of the windswept landscape that surrounds the majestic old fishing town inspired him to create a gin that reflected the look, smell and feel of Aldebrugh.

“I wanted to find some native botanicals that would dominate the flavour of Fishers and be true to its origin from the English coast.” – Andres Heald

Andres has a background in importing and trading in wine and was desperate to become a producer himself. He felt gin was a suitable medium to capture the spirit (pun not intended) of the wonderful English coastline.

With an idea in mind, Andres needs some help, so he roped in James Firth, an old family friend, who is a botany lover. James created a botanical concoction which fishers still uses and swears by today.

The wild botanicals used to infuse Fishers Gin are sustainably sourced and foraged by James himself. Each botanical is carefully considered, picked and dried at the optimum time, to guarantee the best impact on flavour and aroma. Due to the botanicals being foraged sustainably, for every harvest the team replant and grow new plants to ensure nature is not unbalanced.

This artisan expression of the English coast really captures the nature and the ancient traditions of the English coast.