Farmison & Co

The online award winning butcher Farmison & Co brings fresh, free-range chickens to our door in Leeds. Rotisserie chicken is our of favourite new dishes, make sure to read all about their drive to bring better meat to the nation.

The online butcher Farmison & Co are on a mission to encourage the nation to eat better meat, and we’re thrilled to support their mission and have them on board as a local producer in Yorkshire. Winning awards for the best online butcher for two years in a row, Farmison & Co deliver British chicken to our door, and we bring fresh, made- to -order rotisserie chicken to you at Sourced Market Leeds.

At Sourced Market we also want to bring the best quality local ingredients at a reasonable price and help support companies who want to support or change the narrative around consumption. Farmison & Co is just that, they have close relationships with all their farmers, who understand and support their mission of bringing better meat to the nation. John Pallagi, CEO and Founder of Farminson & Co says:

‘Providing tasty meat that leaves a feel good factor when you’ve eaten begins with the way the animals are treated, to the highest of welfare standards and often quite honestly allowed to live their lives with freedom, grow naturally and grass reared outside rather than factory-style indoors. It’s also about the way animals are ethically reared, fed and the care and time that is put in by the farmer to ensure they lead stress free lives. The baton is then passed over to our butchers to follow through what the farmer has brought about.’