Ice-cream you scream! The sun is out and DÁPPA’s pop-up is here!

We’re jumping with joy; DÁPPA will be hosting a pop-up at our St Pancras from 12-8pm 6 days a week starting from 20th April.

DÁPPA is on a mission to redefine ice cream with its thick, rich and outrageously creamy plant-based soft serve! It doesn’t stop there, you can customise your ice cream with housemade sauces and toppings…oooh yeah!


DÁPPA first started when two friends witnessed the realities of the dairy industry and realised the negative impact dairy has on our beautiful planet. They soon decided to say ciao to milk and created an out of this world plant-based ice cream.

Their recipe may be a secret but what we do know they use almond and cashew to help create their thick, rich and outrageously creamy soft serve ice cream!

“Sustainability is the (rum &) raison d’etre of our brand.”

Sustainability is a huge part of DÁPPA’s ethos, from how they make their ice cream to its ingredients. By only creating plant-based soft serve meaning there is considerably less strain on resources and the environment than any dairy-based ice cream. On top of that, to help minimise waste all of their packaging is either compostable or fully recyclable.