Sourced Market has teamed up with REAL Kombucha to fill you with flavours and knowledge. Their sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks are a choice for those who are driving or ditching alcohol. The session will showcase REALs ability to pair their non-alcoholic drinks with food, and educate you on the use of fine teas from around the world.

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Date: 4th June 2019
Time: 7pm
Location: Sourced Market Marylebone

More and more people today are choosing not to drink alcohol. In actual fact, 30% of 18-26 yr olds in London are teetotal (ONS), while 30% of people in a pub or bar would rather drink something non-alcoholic (Club Soda, 2017). The problem is that the options available to people not wanting to drink are poor. The options are sweet and sugary and dull, which are not good for our health and do not pair with food.

REAL Kombucha is changing the way people drink, offering the most sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative to wine, champagnes and beers.

REAL Kombucha is a light, tart, refreshingly carbonated, non-alcoholic brew made from exquisite fine teas from small tea gardens around the world. Brewed using fermentation techniques usually found in fine wines and the best craft beers, they have developed a brew that can compete with the best-fermented beverages, but with less than 50 calories per bottle and only a trace of alcohol (no more than 0.5% – much the same as a non-alcoholic beer).

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