Snactivism – More taste, less waste workshop with Snact

Did you know you can eat banana skins, pickle watermelon rinds, or roast cauliflower leaves? Join London social enterprise Snact for a workshop about creating more taste and less waste in your kitchen by using delicious and nutritious food we tend to discard: fruit peels, veg tops, and even chickpea water!

Snact was set up to help reduce food waste the tasty way: they make their 100% fruit snacks from UK surplus apples that would otherwise be discarded, and they use home compostable packaging which you can simply add to your compost to reduce waste even further. As part of the Snactivist mission they want to spread their #deliciousprotest by encouraging more people to reduce waste in their homes. In this workshop you will learn how to make summer staples like lemonade or cold gazpacho soup from ingredients we are used to tossing.

Snact make deliciously sustainable snacks. They buy ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste. The fruit is blended into a smoothie and then dried into fruit jerky on a family farm in Kent. Snact’s handmade fruit jerky is 100% vegan, gluten free and counts towards your 5 a day. Their packaging is home compostable helping them reduce waste even further.

Get your tickets here! Ticket price £5 plus Eventbrite booking fee.