Prairie Fire BBQ was created in 2013 by a Kansas Citian that moved to London and missed the authentic taste of home, Kansas City Barbecue. Their mission is to bring authentic Kansas City style BBQ to the people of London so they can experience one of the finest styles of barbecue from the states. They are the only Kansas City style BBQ in the UK founded by a Kansas City native. Their sauces and products are so authentic, it’s hard to imagine they are all produced in London and not Kansas City.

It all began many years ago, Michael learned the craft from watching his granddad fire up the BBQ pit at the weekend to start the day’s long low and slow cook of brisket, pork butt, chicken and ribs for Sunday family feasts. Later honing his skills working with American Royal Champion Boondoggle BBQ. When Michael Gratz moved to London 5 years ago he couldn’t find authentic Kansas City Style BBQ anywhere. He started Prairie Fire BBQ in 2013 and he’s still going and growing!

What makes Kansas City style the greatest is that they smoke everything, not just Brisket, Pork or Ribs like their regional neighbors. Kansas City is the BBQ capital of the world, with over 100 BBQ restaurants, two of the world’s premier annual BBQ competitions, and the home of the KCBS – Kansas City Barbecue Society (The primary governing body of all major BBQ competitions worldwide)

Their Beef Brisket is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). It is corn and grain fed giving it a marbling that grass fed beef simply does not have. When doing low and slow, smoking the meats need a higher fat content to keep the finished product juicy and tender. Their pork is sourced from Tom Hixson of Smithfield.

We are delighted to welcome Prairie Fire BBQ to pop up in our Marylebone Market for the whole of July. Expect beautiful brisket, pork and spicy sausage  meat samplers, smoked turkey and TACOS. Vegetarians will not be disappointed with Prairie Fire BBQ’s smoked jackfruit veggie taco.

Prairie Fire BBQ also have their own range of smokey BBQ sauce and rubs which will be available at Sourced Market for you to buy. The ubiquitous smokey tomato, molasses and vinegar BBQ sauce everyone knows was created in Kansas City. When the sauce is done right, it enhances the BBQ experience. Their Great Taste award winning Prairie Fire BBQ Original sauce is handmade  in London. Think of it as Kansas City in a bottle.

When: Monday to Friday for the month of July

Where: 68 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 2SD

Serving Times: 5pm until 9pm