Royally Loved Porky Products

Neale and Sarah Hollingsworth founded Dukeshill Ham in 1985. Being in the meat business was meant to be; Neale is the sixth generation of his family who has worked in the Ham and Bacon curer business.

The family-run business first began by delivering traditionally cured hams through the post, making cured hams available for all to enjoy. However, their range has since grown, and they supply a wide range of porky products.

Dukeshill Ham has stuck to the traditional curing roots by only using quality British pork and traditional curing methods, which have been in practice for hundreds of years. Dukeshill Ham dries cured York Hams take over four months to produce; making their hams as delicious as ever. So delicious in fact, that they’ve been supplying hams to HM The Queen since 2003.

Dukeshill Ham is very environmently conscious and they are always thinking of ways they can become ever more sustainable: “From responsibly sourcing ingredients to energy efficient cookers and fridges, and from FSC accreditation on all our printed materials to a massive take-up of our cycle to work incentives, we place the environment at the forefront of all our decision-making processes.”

You’ll find Dukeshill Ham’s moreish York Ham available to buy in our Markets while you’re picking up your cheese and chutneys!