A drop of ancient wisdom mixed with a dash of modern sparkle; DRGN is an intriguing blend of east meets west.

After swapping the bright lights of London for the even brighter lights of Hong Kong, Vishal Sodha discovered the Far East and its long history of using botanicals as a healthful flavour in drinks, particularly turmeric.

But instead of creating a very traditional recipe, Vishal was also discovering the glittering nightlife and stylish dining scenes from Tokyo to Thailand, at a time when Asian-fusion concepts were gaining popularity back in the West. So he also took inspiration from this “work hard, play harder” modern Asia lifestyle and blended all this into a grown-up, delicately-flavoured blend of botanicals, electrolytes and vitamins. Packaged in a rather glam can!

“I was a bit tired of the drinks market being full of caffeinated, sugary and artificial ingredients,” he explains. “Our values are really about living life to its fullest, but in a mindful, responsible way.” The Chinese symbol DRGN actually translates to ‘turmeric vitality’ which blends with ginger, ginseng and spring water. And at just 80 calories it can be a soft drink, a great mixer or even brought to a party as a unique ‘smart mixer’ to shake things up and create a ‘super cocktail’.

“The concept was born in 2012, the Year of the Dragon. Our twins were born in the same year,” Vishal beams. “They ask me all the time, ‘Daddy, is it ready to go yet?’ I’m so excited to launch at Sourced Market; we could think of no better platform for DRGN to make its debut.”

“So here we are, ready to stir things up, one drink at a time!”