North London’s Secret is Out: Diana’s Chocolates


Hand-crafted in a small London kitchen, Diana’s dairy-free delicately flavoured chocolate bars will have chocolate lovers drooling.

Diana’s background in publishing and recipe development filled her with the drive and hunger (literally) to start her own delicious business. The company had to involve chocolate, as Diana has always been fixated with the smell and the textural sensation as it melts in the mouth. So, in 2012, Diana took the plunge and jumped on the British food making bandwagon to create a range of delicious chocolate bars.

The small batch chocolates are beautifully hand-crafted and have been created with only the finest dairy-free Belgian chocolate. Each bar has been delicately flavoured and Diana uses spices, citrus oils, handmade caramel, and slow roasted nuts to complement the richness of the chocolate.

Diana doesn’t just hand-craft her chocolate, she also hand-delivers it to help reduce environmental footprint…what a way to contribute to saving the planet!