Dalston’s started in 2012 out of Passing Clouds nightclub. The club wanted alternatives to mainstream branded cola, so founders Duncan and Steve set about making their own natural, alternative drinks. As former chefs, their experience of flavours led them to begin blending, infusing and mashing the first Dalston’s Cola by hand in their kitchens.

What makes Dalston’s different from every other soft drink out there? They focus on ingredients you can trust and take sourcing seriously. Which is why they use real ingredients like cola nuts and Sicilian lemons, working with small family farms. You can also be assured that you won’t find any fake flavours, sweeteners, colours or chemicals in their drinks.

From bottling 100 drinks a week in a kitchen, to a 1000 a week in an office, to 10,000 a week out of their arch in Mile End, they’ve been there every step of the way. And they pride themselves on doing things the right way. From building personal relationships with various suppliers and customers to developing all of their recipes in-house, they’re about as personal a brand as you can get.

The team at Dalston’s also care deeply about giving back. They are proud to work with the Hackney 100 project which began with their first assistant Joris and has continued to flourish since. The Hackney 100 project seeks to provide paid work experience opportunities for students aged between 16-19 and placements are designed to run alongside school work.

Dalston’s also understand that a major problem in the world of food and drink is the amount of energy and water taken up in the growing, processing, and transporting of things. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The good thing is, they can measure their carbon footprint and they’ve begun funding a carbon saving initiative so you can rest easy that what you’re consuming isn’t contributing to general badness. So what more convincing do you need? Go to any of our markets and grab a cold can of Dalston’s today!