It’s Time to Spice Things Up

In 2014, Ben Kulchstein handed in his notice to leave his full-time job, to take the plunge to fire up his own hot sauce business: Dalston Chillies.

The graphic designer turned chilli making machine, has always been a foodie at heart (as long as it’s veggie!). Growing up around a mum who was a chef and being in the centre of Hackeys thriving food scene, Ben’s has always been obsessed with food.

Ben is a hot sauce pouring, splashing, dipping addict and used to create batches for himself in his London kitchen to help spice things up. Although, it was too good not to share! His friends fell head over heels in love for the fiery sauce and after scoring a 2nd place at the Fiery Foods Festival in 2011, Ben started on an adventure that heated his life up, and everyone else’s taste buds!