What’s that thing about life giving you lemons, you make lemonade? So when life gave Julianne a nut allergy, she made a nut-free, tasty food range… naturally!

Her award-winning company Creative Nature now boasts a range of delicious healthy snack bars, two organic home baking mixes and ethically-sourced food ingredients like cacao powder and chia seeds.

“I started making my own healthy snacks out of frustration at the lack of nut-free products in the market,” explains Julianne. ” I suffer from anaphylaxis to all nuts, some seeds and certain additives, so finding a healthy snack that didn’t cause me to stop breathing was a challenge!”

Unlike many healthy snack bars, which contain whole nuts or cashew butter, Creative Nature bars are free from gluten, dairy, wheat, soya and nuts, but still taste great. “Our bars contain only 100% natural ingredients, and we do not add any sugars or sweeteners. We want to give people the freedom to eat what they want,” she adds.

Sustainability is also important to Creative Nature; they source healthfood ingredients direct from growers in Peru and New Zealand, and sea freight transport is chosen to decrease carbon footprint.

“We believe products that claim to be healthy, should also be tasty. Why have a healthy diet if you’re just not going to enjoy yourself?” she laughs.

Creative Nature range