A Chick obsessed with CHOC

After moving to the UK Galia rediscovered her obsession for all things chocolate: sourcing it, cooking it and, of course, eating the delicious stuff. Baffled by how nutritious raw chocolate is and how simple it is to create treats out of pure goodness, Galia found that her kitchen and chocolate became her new best friends.

Sunday mornings turned the home into that famous scene from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. With the smells of melting cocoa butter and chocolate powder filling her home, a chocolate addiction started to form with Gaila’s family and friends. The demand for the irresistible chocolate treats began to escalate fast, which gave Galia the opportunity to turn her passion into a business: CHOC Chick.

CHOC Chick only uses natural ingredients, and have been carefully and ethically sourcing their cacao since 2009. By travelling extensively throughout South America to find bio-diverse farmers and plantations, Galia able to create healthy chocolate snacks that are good for us and the planet too.

It doesn’t stop there; CHOC Chick is a female lead business, who cares, not only their cacao but also empowering women. They’re proud to work alongside a community of people in Sussex and support local charities to promote women rights.