Two brothers from east London, one simple idea: the can is the cocktail shaker.

Myles & Kit Donneky love a cocktail but realise we can’t always be doing with assembling five or six ingredients and then shushing our thirsty guests while we watch an online how-to mixoogy video.

Hence their genius idea of a high quality cocktail in a chilled (recycled) can. Shake, pour and slurp… sorry, sip.

“We both love cocktails and great drinks but feel that they are a pain to make due to the number of variables needed to create one – equipment, training, ice, ingredients,” says Kit.  “We wanted to find a way such that anyone can create great cocktails in a matter of seconds. At Cantails we view the can as a cocktail shaker so all the customer has to do is chill the can, shake it, and pour the drink into the appropriate glassware.”

Stock up on their delicious Espresso Martinis from Sourced Market and get the party started.