ALERT! Bullion has done it again: won an award for there single origin bean-to-bar chocolate!

Bullion has just won a New Producer Award from Speciality Food. Their bean-to-bar chocolate has triumphed the Supreme Champion and Winner of The Young Producer Category. Run by 25-year-old Max, Bullion is Yorkshire’s first bean-to-bar, single origin, craft chocolate company. Max sources the finest cacao from smallholder farmers from around the world to produce his award-winning chocolate.

A trained chef, Max understands the importance of sourcing great ingredients which are entirely traceable. Over years of researching & fine-tuning the process of chocolate making; Max has become completely immersed in the world of chocolate. He is obsessed with getting the true & unique flavour of the beans from a single origin – giving chocolate the value it deserves. His inspiration came from the Ancient Mayans, who used cocoa beans as a form of currency.

All of the Bullion chocolate bars have 4 or fewer ingredients, ethically sourced & made with passion. They have been recognised by the Academy of Chocolate & are now award-winning!