Brixton Brewery

Started in a railway arch in 2013, Brixton Brewery was the dream of local couples who wanted to put Brixton on the map for great beer. They had met by chance in a bar and bonded over their shared passion for beer and for the non-stop energy of the South London neighbourhood they all called home. 

They agreed that every great neighbourhood deserves a great brewery; and so Brixton Brewery was born. They set up under a local railway arch and vowed to inject the flavour of Brixton- its manic energy, its history, noise, aromas and vibrant mix of cultures and people- into every aspect of the brewery. Their beers are named after Brixton landmarks, inspired by the flavours of its markets, and packaged in colourful cans that reference the exuberant batik fabrics sold there.


Their beer is hand-crafted in small batches and always unpasteurised and unfiltered for maximum flavour. They combine the styles, tastes and quality ingredients of traditional British brewing (and Brixton markets!) with those from much further afield. The resulting beers are bold, modern and delicious, and always perfectly balanced for easy-drinking.

Brixton Brewery is a family run business with deep roots in the local community and there’s nothing they love more than bringing people together through a shared love of beer. They work hard to brew beers that make the local community proud and help thirsty people everywhere to get a taste of Brixton.

At Sourced we stock their Electric IPA which is one of our favorites the perfect harmony of sweet and bitter, to something more tropical like the Atlantic APA or their Low Voltage SIPA the laid back sibling to Electric IPA and many more…

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