It’s snack time!

Boundless snack packs aren’t just full of any old nuts and seeds; they activated. “Ooo, what does activated mean?” we hear you ask, well, “When you soak nuts and seeds you activate germination – the sprouting of a seed to a plant – which releases all the natural enzymes and amazing nutrients Mother Nature had locked away for the growing process.” – They’re the perfect ingredient to good gut health.

Behind the seeds (and nuts):

Cathy met Katie after she moved to Wiltshire to escape her hectic London life. Both soon became good friends after realizing they both had a mutual love for good food. The start of their foodie adventure was when they opened at Middle Eastern street food business in the Bristol.

‘Ironically [we] hardly had time to eat. Luckily, we did love to snack.’

With their days jam-packed severing hungry punters, Cathy and Katie found themselves snacking on grab and go items. When it came to trying to pick a tasty, healthy quick bite to eat it was the equivalent to trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Fed up and feel unsatisfied, the girls took it upon themselves to create a snack that was tasty, healthy and good for Cathy’s gut, who has a gluten intolerance.

When Cathy and Katie said they’re going to make a tasty and healthy snack, they meant it!  They only use natural ingredients and methods in all their products.

Boundless is bold! Their flavours are unique and have been created to keep you and your taste buds satisfied.