Two passionate beekeepers. One desire for honey straight from the hive.

In 2017, passionate beekeepers Paul and Chris put their heads together after they both realised they had a shared passion. Their love for all things bees led them to London’s rooftops and gardens, where they cared for over a million bees!

Chris and Paul met in an office 15 years ago. Both friends had never tired honey raw, unblended honey, straight from the hive before they had started beekeeping, it was like no other! In fact, it was so good, they both had to share it; Black Bee Honey was born.

“The welfare of our bees and their environment is a main priority.” – Black Bee Honey

The award-winning company works hard to ensure the bee’s and their environment are the main priority – after all, a lack of trees and plants significantly affects the flavour of the honey.

The honey is sourced from National Parks and other areas of vast biodiversity, away from farmland, as most modern farming uses pesticides which are far from a bees best friend.

Each recyclable jar is full of single-origin British honey, and nothing else; No Chemicals, no preservatives or any other nastiness.