Meet the mum on a pea puffing mission

In 2017 Eve realised her and her daughter, Giselle, did not have a mutual love for black eyed peas. Giselle was a crisp fanatic! Being a typical mum, eve didn’t want her daughter to be tucking into unhealthy snacks. However, she was bored of chickpeas, lentils and quinoa dominating healthy savoury snacks.

With her black-eyed peas in one hand and her daughter’s crunchy crisps in the other, eve had a light bulb moment. ‘Pea Puffing’ mission was put to the top of her to-do-list. By using organic ingredients from South America and West Africa Bepps was born. Each snack pack full of protein, fibre and deliciousness; perfect for the whole family to snack on.