Acorn Dairy

Acorn Dairy is a family farm based in Beningbrough, just twenty miles away from Sourced Market at Leeds Skelton Lake. Its herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows graze land that has been chemical free for 22 years and gives their milk an unbeatable flavour.

We’re proud to be stocking local milk, butter, eggs and cream from Acorn Dairy at Sourced Market Leeds Skelton Lake. Acorn Dairy’s local herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows graze land that has been free of chemicals for 22 years. Their heifers are raised at Beningbrough, just twenty miles away! ⁠


This single source herd gives them full traceability as well as an unbeatable flavour that comes from their organic grass, clover and herb based diet.  This family farm is focused on producing milk that we and their other customers can be proud of.

Acorn Dairy holds the Compassion in World Farming Good Dairy Award for their cow and calf welfare and in Feb 2020 was named Ethical Consumer Magazine’s best dairy milk brand. ‘A big title for a small business but we were delighted to have been noticed for what we do.’  Caroline Bell.⁠

At Sourced Market we love our coffee and with Acorn Dairy’s Barista Blend is made to elevate taste and texture, there is no missing out! 

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