Three years ago, chef Adam Wilding originally created Duck Crackling as a canapé base for an event. After overwhelming feedback from the event and a couple more test runs, it’s notoriously difficult to make duck remain crispy, Adam made the leap into the launch of his unique brand.

Snacking may be natural but most snack products are anything but. We believe that natural, nutritious food tastes better. The roots of Wilding’s are in professional kitchens where nothing is wasted in the pursuit of perfection. Wilding’s see value where others see waste, though quality is never compromised in the pursuit of creativity. Adam and his quack team remain committed to producing a snacking range from highly nutritious ingredients, that are cooked and seasoned to deliver bold and interesting flavours. Wilding’s endeavour to use recyclable packaging where possible and are proud to employ local ex armed forces in the manufacturing of their products.

With a passion for food innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, Adam is driven to pair his love of food and cooking skills with the growing demand of high protein and paleo friendly snacks. Unlike some pork snacks, Wildings duck crackling won’t break your teeth. They are gluten free, high in protein, 100% natural and they go great with wine, especially a spicy Shiraz or Malbec.

Wilding’s only use BRC accredited ducks sourced from the British Isles, ensuring every effort is made to create the highest welfare standards for the animals used. The breeds of duck are Peking and Aylesbury crosses which produce the best texture and flavour for these delicious snacks.

Wilding’s are happiest alongside other great British food producers, so being stocked in Sourced Market gives our products valuable exposure to quality conscious lovers of food. With their central London locations we also have the benefit of presenting to a worldwide audience.