Origin’s team are some of the most-awarded coffee professionals in the UK, including Dan Fellows the current UK Barista Champion. Everything they do is in pursuit of coffee excellence. Origin were founded in Cornwall in 2004 by Tom Sobey, who still owns and runs the company.

Tom’s first experience of coffee started at an earlier age as his father was a franchisee of Bewley’s in the early 90’s and he helped out as a delivery driver. He then went travelling to Australia in 1998, which led him into speciality coffee. He managed to get a job with a coffee company on the Gold Coast; It was a huge learning curve – he had people coming for training that knew more about espresso than he did so he had to think very quickly on his feet. He continued travelling around Australia and visited roasteries in his spare time which cemented what he wanted to do when he got back – to set up a speciality coffee roastery in Cornwall to source, roast and brew the most delicious speciality coffee available. Coffee that has full provenance, is ethical and sustainable. Origin now have one of the UK’s leading speciality coffee companies with direct trade sourcing, a busy roastery serving wholesale customers across the UK, coffee training labs in Cornwall and London as well as owner-operated shops.

Their philosophy for sourcing coffee is one of direct trade. Origin source speciality grade coffee from around the world and build long term relationships with the producers they buy from. With this approach, they have full trace-ability of the coffees they sell – they visit the farms and mills regularly and see things with their own eyes. They know the producers, their families and speak with the workers. The stories behind each cup stretch across continents and through generations of expertise.

The way Origin roast also ensures that every product and its flavour notes are unique as the roast profiles are particular to Origin. They roast lightly to bring out the individual nuances of each coffee, ensuring each is treated with the respect they deserve. Origin are also fortunate that due to the nature of their producer relationships, they often release special edition coffees which are the result of direct collaborations and experimentation with them, most notably their Limoncello reserve collection processing set.