The Saf brand has been a pioneer in Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free and RAW food products for over ten years. Originally operating London’s first Raw food restaurant of the same name in Shoreditch. Saf Life was born out of a passion to help individuals achieve optimum health and well-being through holistic nutrition.

Saf produce a range of products that have been carefully developed by doctors and nutritionists that are based at their sister company The Life Co  Their philosophy is based on the idea to ‘Eat Pure and Nourish your life’. Collectively they believe a balanced way to work towards optimal health is to follow the 75-25 rule, where you include healthier options in your life at least 75% of the time, and maintain your normal standard of living the other 25%. By following this rule, you will sense a noticeable difference in the way you look and feel and your overall well-being without having to completely compromise your current lifestyle.

All of the Saf snacks are made by hand and dehydrated at 46°C. They are a dedicated Vegan & Gluten Free company using only low GI sugars. Raw food is a fantastic way to introduce nutrients to your diet that are normally lost when cooking at high temperatures. Saf combined the benefits of eating raw food and turned it into a snacking option. By making their snacks at 46°C, they preserve flavours and their energy-giving enzymes so that vital vitamins stay intact. This protects and supports the building blocks of growing, healing and maintenance of your body.

Their range of raw vegan snacks are not only convenient but also provide a nourishing and cleansing boost to your health. Not only are they all vegan certified, they also use low GI sugars, and some are even soy free and great sources of fibre and protein. Some of their snacks are even certified Organic.

Eat well and nourish your life.