Roberta created the first can of Quello in 2016. As a flavour scientist, wine producer and experienced wine taster with a fascination for innovative yet sustainable packaging, putting sparkling wine in a can was a natural step for Roberta.

Quello was conceived using the philosophy of original, environmentally responsible packaging.  The idea of putting Italian sparkling white wine in convenient, serving-sized aluminium cans was born. The concept was new to the UK and it did not take long for Quello to capture people’s imagination and their taste buds, in 2017 the wine was awarded an International Wine Challenge Bronze medal.

Created from a blend of Trebbiano and Pagadebit grapes from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Quello is allowed to ferment naturally, resulting in a gently sparkling, low acidity wine, which is both refreshing and moreish. There is no added carbon dioxide and no added glycerine. In fact nothing at all is added, except the can.  

Quello’s slender, 200ml aluminium cans are easy to transport, easy to open and easy to dispose of. They can be stacked in warehouses, piled up in fridges and stowed in cool bags, and at the end of their lives, simply crushed and recycled.291 They are also very handy for train journeys and have been flying out the door at our St Pancras market since 2016. 

As a purveyor of small producers, each with a distinctive, unique place in the market, and without a brand of its own, Sourced Market is the natural partner for Quello. One of Quello’s principal ideological concepts is to support and promote small, independent producers and this is a philosophy which it shares with Sourced Market.  For both Quello and Sourced Market, the origin of the product is fundamental. This mutual commitment to quality and provenance means that Quello is proud to be a part of Sourced Market and that Sourced Market is proud to be a part of Quello.