There’s a new player in town – Introducing Brioche Feuiletteé

Yeast Bakery, an East London speciality Viennoiserie bakery near Broadway market, have next levelled the Brioche Feuiletteé.

For those that don’t know already, Brioche Feuiletteé is a classic Viennoiserie pastry which is essentially a mix between a brioche and a croissant or,  in other words, a layered brioche.

Yeast take their enriched brioche dough and add layer upon layer of premium French AOP butter to create a softer more luxurious Viennoiserie product, they then fill it with freshly prepared creams – much like a doughnut.

Move over cronut® there’s a new, tastier contender in town. Expect fillings such as Raspberry & Custard, Apricot, Custard & Peach, Pistachio & Praline and classic custard.

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