Kochere Ethiopia Espresso from The Barn Roastery, Berlin

“I’m always looking to source from Ethiopia as the country produces awesome coffee & the Yirgacheffe region is particularly well known for this. Kochere is the name of the farm & everyone here takes great pride in their work. The coffee has distinctive notes of tea & fruits with high acidity which continually surprises us coffee geeks with its new tasting notes. This year it has a particularly juicy mouth feel & is full of sweetness – which is a great contrast to our chocolatey house espresso.” – Our coffee of the month has been chosen by Fred, our Coffee Guru.

Lupuloid IPA from Beavertown Brewery, London.

“Beavertown need no introduction & Lupuloid, with its bright pink can & crazy artwork, stands out even amongst the other beers in the range. IPA to the power ten is the order of the day here. With intensity of body, aroma, flavour & with a finish that doesn’t go away. Think grapefruit, mango, orange zest with a creamy texture almost like a tropical juice. The hops kick in at the back of the palate with a strong sweet/bitterness. The strength is what I would call “face-melting” in the most pleasing kind of way i.e. without a hint of the taste of alcohol. A great hit of hops & fruity goodness for those who don’t like to mess around” – Our beer of the month was chosen by David, Bar Manager at our St Pancras market.

Rioja Blanco ‘Pharos’, Bodega Classica

“White Rioja is known for its ‘marmite’ reaction, as the old fashioned style is similar to a sherry. The Pharos however; combines the old with the new – it’s fresh, ripe & bright! It has been delicately aged, which creates a richer texture, smokey finish & manages to maintain a great acidity. It’s a white Rioja like no other” – Our wine of the month was chosen by Erwan, Head of Wine & Beer at our Victoria market.