Borough Market has reopened this morning, 14 June 2017, 11 days after the attack. On Saturday, 24th June 2017 we urge all our lovely customers to go down to Borough market, mingle, eat nice things and put money in the tills of the Borough Market traders.

As well as being shocked and saddened by the London Bridge attacks, we were gutted to hear that our friends over at Borough market suffered severe financial loss for 10 days and they are still not back operating fully. They are going to need so much support, warmth and most importantly; people coming out and enjoying themselves in the familiar surrounding of this foodie playground.

There has already been so much overwhelming love and support for our producers down in Borough; who had to cease trading until the investigation came to a conclusion. The good folk over at Druid St Market gave a market pitch to Cannon & Cannon so they could sell their short dated produce before it went to waste. Borough Market has set up a crowd funding page to assist businesses and individuals who have suffered financially as a result of the attack. Click on this link to donate, if you can.

According to Applebee who spoke to the Evening Standard on Monday, 12 June 2017:

We’ve been back here since yesterday,” says Applebee. “This morning, people are back at stalls, getting everything looking better than before. It’s really brought the community together. The market’s never looked so spick and span.

Work has begun to prepare the market for its reopening later this week. Sean, our good friend over at Canon and Canon has suffered greatly:

Business has suffered. “We’re wholesalers and retailers,” says Cannon. “Our whole business was in there — computers, files, the week’s takings — everything’s in there and we couldn’t even go and get anything.” Cannon holds £25,000 worth of stock and the “large majority of that” will have now been lost or shortdated, making it more difficult to sell. For a week, there’s been nothing coming in to our company, yet obviously all of our staff need to be paid, so money’s going out one end and nothing is coming back in the other. Obviously that’s a huge problem for a small company like ours.

Among the ordinary heroes of Saturday night were two Romanian bakers who were on the night shift at the Bread Ahead bakery on the edge of Borough Market. Florin Moriaru and his colleague Tassa rushed to help fleeing members of the public, hitting one of the attackers with a large plastic bread basket in an effort to stop their stabbing spree. They also bravely helped 20 people escape the Borough Market attackers. Like Canon & Canon, Bread Ahead were unable to get in to their bakery therefore couldn’t send any of their beautiful bread and decadent doughnuts to all our markets.  We are glad to announce that they are both back in business, so please help support them in any way you can.

Scott Winston of Scott Winston Fine Foods has arranged a get together at Borough Market on the 24th June 2017.  We would like to urge you all to head down to Borough Market to show support for all the traders and producers.  Come on down to talk to people, enjoy some food and drink, and help all the traders at Borough Market on the long and difficult road back to normality.