Le Choux will be Popping up at our St Pancras market on Thursday 25th May from 3.30pm until 7.30pm

After working as a patisserie chef for the past four years in Paris, Abigail Scheuer started up Le Choux last year on a market stall in Old Spitalfields market.

Abigail is half French, half English and fell in love with patisserie and chocolate at a young age. After working as a patisserie chef for four years in top patisserie and restaurant establishments in Paris, Abigail  started up Le Choux  in 2016, on a market stall in Old Spitalfields market. Abigail saw a gap in the market for choux and for fresh patisserie in London.

Her  philosophy towards food comes down to her core beliefs in artisan produce, a strong believer that anything hand made has so much more emotion and story behind it. Provenance is very important to Le Choux, to our delight Abigail uses our good friends over at  The Estate Dairy for their incredible rich jersey cream and milk. Her large, free range eggs  are from The Good Egg Fellas who are devoted to hen happiness. Their flour is from Doves Farm and they source chocolate from Original Beans, who are devoted to conservation and fair pay for farmers.

Le Choux  make everything by hand and hand pipe everything themselves.  They use the best ingredients they can find.  All of their choux are baked with a thin layer of crumble which melts on top of the bun to create a delicately crunchy texture that you don’t normally find on choux pastries. Le Choux don’t use preservatives, unnatural colouring’s or gelatin meaning their pastries are 100% vegetarian friendly.

Being half French and half English has opened my eyes to using French techniques with a slightly British twist. For example, I aim to take British desserts and traditions and incorporate them in our French patisserie such as Caramel Fudge Choux and Strawberries and Cream Choux. My love of Italy also enters into my creative process. I am inspired by the culinary scene in Italy due to working in Venice and in Rome.  My patisseries use French techniques with Italian influences and British tendencies