Award winning Bermondsey Street Bees are working towards excellence.

Anna first encountered Bermondsey Street Bees while she was judging at the Great Taste Awards. We remember Anna coming back from the awards raving about a honey she had tasted and her excitement weeks later when the awards were announced when she discovered the excellent honey she had tasted was Bermondsey Street Bees.  She immediately got in touch with Dale & Sarah to congratulate them and with a view to getting them stocked at all branches of Sourced Market. Anna was 100% successful on her mission.

Although honey is very important to Bermondsey Street Bees, the major drive for Dale and Sarah is to educate people and to ensure our London bees are being well fed and are thriving in sustainable hives. Dale and Sarah encourage local businesses and apiary enthusiasts to plant, not wildflowers as is the common misconception but sustainable, enduring foliage including trees and shrubs which provide long lasting benefits to honeybees. A single flowering lime (linden) tree, for instance,  provides forage equivalent to 300 sq.metres of  wildflower meadow.

Bermondsey Street Bees also produce planting guides under their Apis Beekeeping Consultancy, they educate groups ranging from school children to top chefs and work with gardening charities and community groups to identify and plant in new forage areas. Placing the emphasis on edible plantings, from apple trees to herbs, provides the clear connection between people, the environment and the bees.

Bermondsey Street Bees have also hosted a honey tasting masterclass in our Marylebone tap room, it was a great evening learning all about how to taste honey and each of the attendees went home with a Jar of metro honey!