Introducing the UK’s first Dairy Free Almond Milk Yoghurt – Nush

Nush searched high and low for an almond that not only tastes delicious but also contains the perfect balance of nutrients for their own artisan almond milk that they use for their delicious, rich and creamy Almond Milk Dairy Free Yoghurt.

Their almonds are sourced from a family plantation in Sicily. The almonds are the highest quality on the international market, the Sicilian almonds come from Avola and are nothing like Californian almonds. Sicilian almonds are kind to the environment as they require very little water to grow, unlike Californian almonds that reportedly use 5 litres of water to grow one almond! 10 percent of the state’s agricultural water consumption.

We have all four Nush yoghurts at all of our markets, why not try:

Nush Peach Melba

Natural almond milk yogurt is mixed with deliciously sweet English peach and raspberry puree that gives a creamy, luxurious mouth feel with a hint of almond tang.

Nush Blueberry

Naturally sweet English blueberries are added to almond yogurt giving a mixture of a sharp and sweet flavour profile that adds to the texture and creaminess of the yoghurt.

Nush Caramel & Hibiscus

Natural almond milk yogurt is churned with delicious homemade plant based caramel made using coconut sugar and a hint of hibiscus, giving a sweet flavour combination with a hint of almond tang.

Nush Natural

Natural almond milk yogurt, produced using Organic Sicilian almonds, is balanced with acidity produced by Probiotic cultures that are aged with the milk during production. Nush yogurt is then churned to a silky texture.