They’re cold-pressed. They’re raw. They’re healthy. They’re everything tequila slammers aren’t. They’re Moju Cold Pressed Ginger Shots!

Moju juices have been working hard in the Juice Shed to squeeze as many of the benefits of cold-pressed juice into a tiny bottle. Meet their latest creation the fiery little ginger Booster! Moju source fresh ginger root from the Far East where it’s been used for centuries to aid the digestive system and help fight the flu and common cold this fiery root’s is excellent for soothing indigestion, boosting immune systems and keeping the lurgy at bay!

The fire is balanced out with the sweetness and crispness of apples and the vitamin quota is ramped-up with the help of the king of the citrus fruit, lemons.

You can find Moju ginger shots at all of our Markets

Psst….keep an eye out for the turmeric version too – it’s outstanding!