The whole Minor Figures team have been working in speciality coffee for 9 years as baristas, roasters, coffee shop owners. Stuart started KeepCup back in OZ and met Will in 2008 when he brought KeepCup to London.

Will was a seasoned Barista and spent several years as a touring jazz trumpeter. James ran a critically acclaimed coffee shop in Fitzrovia–Mother’s Milk. He’s now Minor Figures head of coffee as his taste buds would give most sommeliers a run for their Money! Will decided that starting a cold brew company with this collective made perfect sense.

Will had spent time in California drinking cold brew and always missed it when back in the UK. By 2014 a couple of pioneering coffee shops had started making their own, but nobody was packing a super delicious ready-to-go cold brew. Minor Figures launched with a product that would bring all the techniques and standards of speciality coffee combined with the ease and versatility of the current supermarket products. Achieving quality and convenience.

Minor Figures are the makers, they grind the coffee and fill the brew tanks. They stir and filter and are involved with every step. Minor Figures is the only organic iced coffee range in the UK.  

In their micro-brewery in Hackney Wick they’ve got the knowledge and a team of speciality coffee buffs with years of experience. Using ethically sourced beans, organic cow’s milk and cream they’ve got the technique. Down. 18 hours, filtered water, special stirring and no ‘coffee extract’, just the very best in-season single origin beans. Their coffee origins vary depending on the season.

Their  flavours:  Nitro – Brazil , Black – Ethiopia/Kenya, Milk – Costa Rica/Guatemala, Honduras which are also used for their chocolate and coconut cold brews. Grab a carton, stab a straw and suck the best iced coffee you’re likely to ever drink.

The discerning Sourced customers deserve a genuinely thoughtful and high quality product. Sourced stands for carefully curated, best-in-class products across all categories. Minor Figures is that for iced coffee.