Lisa Gardshol, a born-and-bred South African, and die-hard carnivore founded m-eat! biltong. After completing her business degree in UK, and working at M&S as a buyer, Lisa became a food entrepreneur, starting up The Savanna in London with her sister Marie. It didn’t take her long to realise how incredibly fussy customers are about their biltong and rightly so. This is what inspired the creation of m-eat!

They only use premium Aberdeen Angus beef, sourced in the highlands of Scotland. m-eat! has been producing biltong since 2006.  m-eat! has been crafted in Wimbledon to introduce the ever growing diverse community here in London to this South African delicacy. m-eat! believe in using UK grown produce for all their foods, taking heavy inspiration from South Africa. All of their meat products are sourced from the Highlands of Scotland and are labelled Aberdeen Angus, as their suppliers carry the highest breeding accreditation there is in the UK.  

The m-eat! team believe that getting the best quality product at source is the key to success, they can trace their product all the way back to a farm in the highlands of Scotland. This is to ensure people get the same quality experience every time.  All their biltong is produced in a custom built butchery in Wimbledon. Team m-eat! spend time to get to know their employees and they train them to be the best they can be. Especially in their butchery, their master biltong maker has been with them from the beginning and its their job to deliver quality.

Their  award winning top selling flavour, original, is marinated with ground coriander, sea salt and black pepper with a pinch of brown sugar to create a well rounded base spice and then mixed with vinegar and Worcester sauce to create their delicious original biltong.

It’s ideal for athletes seeking high protein food with low carbs. Kids also love it as a great tasting, healthy, snack. On the flip-side of the virtuous, it matches perfectly with craft beer and wine!