Award winning bean to bar chocolate from the heart of Bethnal Green.

After a chocolate epiphany in Guatemala back in 2012, Phil Landers went on a mission to learn the craft of bean to bar chocolate. In 2016 he produced a range of single origin and single bean bars, Land Chocolate was born.

If you’re after a more unusual and more flavoured milk chocolate then Chuno, a single bean milk chocolate bar , is the one for you. It’s an unusual milk bar which beings with light fruity notes followed by slight acidity before finishing on a savoury note with a hint of olive.

For a completely different dark chocolate experience we recommend the Malt dark bar. Roasting the Honduran bean slightly longer than normal gives this bar a more intense flavour. The chocolate has underlying coffee aromas which perfectly balances the sweetness of the malt barley.

Why not treat yourself to the Land favourite, the Nicaliso dark. The predominant flavour is black olive with a strong citrus flavour, notes of grapefruit and orange peel add a lovely acidity to this bar.  It’s also their strongest dark chocolate coming in at 73%